How We Started

I first started entertaining the idea of a mobile salon when I was working in a corporate environment. I was putting in sixty hour weeks and struggling to make time for my husband and four children. One day, I needed to give a big presentation that would be simulcast to all of our offices around the world. I felt that a manicure would give me a much-needed confidence boost, but there was no way I could get a last-minute appointment nearby. Upon hearing my complaints, a friend joked, “Too bad the manicure couldn’t come to you.” Well, why couldn’t it? From that little comment came forth this big idea – a mobile salon!

The idea grew quickly. I realized that it wasn’t just working women who would enjoy mobile spa services; there were stay-at-home moms juggling many priorities, elderly women and disabled women who lack transportation, students stuck on campus without a vehicle, and high school girls who want to get together to do hair and makeup before a big dance. The list went on and on. I knew that a solution was needed. I talked to scores of women to find out what they love and hate about salons and spas. I used that research along with some insights into the food truck industry to invent a new kind of spa experience; one that brings the most-requested services to women where they are already spending their time.